ZED (Original Game Soundtrack)

Reassemble fragmented memories into a final, lasting legacy. The official soundtrack to Eagre Games's title "ZED".

Track List & Credits

ZED (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Composer
1Dreamer's Beginnings2:56
2The Start of Something Frayed2:11
: Composer
3Shimmering Shifting Doors2:08
4Blank Memory3:16
5Where We Met ZED2:01
6Rancid Remains5:05
7Hallway of Memories3:14
8Going Mad1:25
: Composer
9Once Upon a Pumpkin1:15
: Composer
10Hope Isn't Lost0:58
: Composer
11Barren Memory3:28
12Lingering Nostalgia3:46
13Dreamer's Tragedy3:10
14Abhorrent Memory4:00
15Home Sweet Home2:13
: Composer
16Dreamer's Sanctuary2:53
17Dreams of Tan Town4:38
18A Revolting Reminder3:54
19Time Sure Flew1:19
: Composer
20A Factory of Delusion3:41
21Graveyard of Memories2:47
22Dreamer's Closure2:47
23Floating Away1:53
: Composer
24Dreamer's End3:27
25ZED 2nd Trailer (Bonus Track)2:10
26Pumpkin House (Unused Version)3:49
27ZED Demo Music (Bonus Track)2:07
: Composer

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