Project Destati: LIGHT

LIGHT is the first of three full-length volumes, following 358 days after the release of “Awakening”, an introductory EP.

LIGHT includes 22 rich, fully-orchestrated pieces of music based on the original in-game score, spanning Kingdom Hearts I and II, 358/2 Days, and Dream Drop Distance.

Track List & Credits

Project Destati: LIGHT was made possible by the following individuals:

: Album Producer, Album Artist
: Album Producer
: Album Producer
: Album Producer
1Introduction: It Began With a Letter3:55
2Hikari [Piano Duet]4:52
3The Promised Beginning3:04
4Destiny Islands4:29
8Gummi Ship Rhapsody7:05
9Traverse Town3:54
10Welcome to Wonderland4:43
11Waltz of the Damned3:30
12Pirate’s Gigue3:13
13Desire for All That is Lost4:43
15Roxas / The Other Promise4:25
16Lazy Afternoon Streets5:18
17Secrets of Neverland2:49
18Working Together7:25
19Hollow Bastion6:58
20Hand in Hand5:08
21Rage Awakened3:56
22Dearly Beloved I3:49

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