Mutazione (Original Game Soundtrack)

Alessandro Coronas presents an extensive 4+ hour deep dive into the audio landscape of the mutant soap opera videogame Mutazione, focusing on the original music composed to accompany the story of Die Gute Fabrik’s wonderful world of mutated plants and wildlife.

Track List & Credits

Mutazione (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Album art
1Title Theme4:50
: Performer
: Performer
3Gathering Together7:06
5Riot Girls 1-12:36
6Riot Girls 1-210:07
7Riot Girls 2-11:15
8Riot Girls 2-21:14
9The Trip5:35
12Modular Cloud5:14
13On a Date6:53
14At Night5:02
: Performer
16What's on the Menu, Pt. 18:04
17At Dawn4:42
18Papu Tree3:31
19Into the Wild6:10
20Calling Home3:44
21Love Song3:02
22What's on the Menu, Pt. 24:54
23On an Island4:18
24On a Boat5:18
25What's on the Menu, Pt. 35:25
26Credits Theme5:05
: Performer
: Performer
27Day One Suite15:10
: Performer
28Day One Evening Suite15:09
29Day Two Suite12:24
: Performer
30Day Three Suite12:59
31Day Three Evening Suite4:33
32Day Four Suite18:36
33Day Five Suite15:57
34Day Five Evening Suite5:36
35Day Six Suite18:54
36Day Seven Suite10:17

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