For The King (Original Game Soundtrack)

For The King is a sprawling tabletop-inspired roguelike adventure set in the world of Fahrul, a land who’s monarch has just been assassinated, and against whom dark forces of corruption and ancient evils are rising.

For The King’s score takes its cues from history, drawing in equal parts on Early music and Renaissance techniques, featuring an ensemble of “bardic” instruments, and blending them with grander, more symphonic sounds to capture the scope of the conflict, and the struggle of the small party of everyday Fahrulian citizens who rose to the heights of glory to become true heroes of Fahrul.

"For The King" is an thrilling musical adventure to the medieval land of Fahrul, a country in turmoil after the death of it's monarch. Drawing in equal parts from Early and Renaissance music, with a healthy dose of folk instruments and techniques, I sought to weave an intimate musical tapestry to accompany your quest through Fahrul, like a troupe of minstrels might accompany the telling of a legendary saga.

This score represents many long nights, dozens of hours of recording, and the culmination of a personal goal to score a fantasy epic. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed creating it." - John Robert Matz

You can find the game here:

Track List & Credits

For The King (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Album art designer
1For The King2:37
2The Queen's Mission0:54
3The Guardian Forest3:20
4The Glittering Mines1:06
5A Dervish of a Skirmish4:12
: Irish Flute
6The Golden Plains3:29
7The King's Maze1:51
8Chaos Gathers1:16
9The Burning Forest2:40
10The Mage Dungeon1:37
11The Noble Sea2:02
12Temple of the Kraken1:48
13A Clash with Chaos4:00
14The Parched Waste2:17
15The Buried Temple0:47
16The Poison Bog2:33
17The Flooded Crypt1:24
19The Dropstone Badlands1:53
20In Volcanic Caverns1:07
21The Jungle Falls2:19
22Jungle Temple1:17
23The Frozen North3:29
24Snow Cave2:43
25The Tower Harazuel1:44
26Combat Most Dire3:59
28Enshrined in Glory1:03
29Fahrul Calls (Early Access Launch Trailer)1:16
30Welcome to Fahrul (Launch Trailer)1:06

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