Wonder Wickets (Original Game Soundtrack)

Fall in love with the bouncy, colorful, and whimsical tunes by composer Stijn van Wakeren!

Track List & Credits

Wonder Wickets (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Composer, Producer
: Album Art
1The Planet On My Tee1:25
2Listen Up2:07
3Isn't Everything Green0:00
4Hole in Won0:46
5Drivers With Leaves1:58
6Bunkers Everywhere1:52
7Some Suprise0:25
8Birdy Birdy2:03
9My Clubs Are On Fire1:43
10Frozen Socks2:59
11One Here One There8:00
12Made of Nine-Iron2:22
13Space UFOria0:23
14Long Way From the Fairway1:52
15Star Crossed4:39
16Star Crossed (Karaoke Version)4:31

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