Live in Japan

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Track List & Credits

Live in Japan was made possible by the following individuals:

: Performing Artist
Alex Levy: Technical Director
Antonio Oliart: Recording Engineer
Balize Collard: Drums
Chris Baum: Electric Violin
Dave Vives: Lead Vocal
Elmer Ho: Tour Production Staff
Eren Basbug: Keyboard II
Falk Au Yeong: Technical Assistant, Mixing Engineer (For Additional Sessions)
FGMF: Special Thanks
GÓSN.: Special Thanks
HIRAK: Artwork Designer
Hitomi Tsuruta: Tour Production Staff
Ingrid Gerdes: Lyricist (Naotora's Theme and Reset), Lead Vocal
Jonathan Wyner: Mastering Engineer (At M-Works Mastering)
Line 6: Special Thanks
Louis A. Ochoa: Bas, Background Vocals
M-Works Mastering: Mastering Studio
Maho Azuma: Social Media Manager
Masato Itoh: Guitar II
Michael Bain: Tour Production Staff
Noriko Terada: Percussion
NS Design: Special Thanks
Robin Moore: Recording Engineer
Roland: Special Thanks
Sachiko Miyano: Additional Arranger
Shota Nakama: Creator, Producer , Arranger, Guitar I
soundtrec: Music Production Company
STAFF GROUP: Backline Rental
thebishopgame: Mixing Engineer, Live Sound Engineer
Ty Bailie: Keyboard I
VGO Japan Tour Orchestra: Orchestra
WGBH Fraser Performance Studio: Recording Studio (For Additional Sessions)
Yamaha: Special Thanks
1The World Warrior (from "Street Fighter II")3:27
: Performing Artist
2Street Fighter II Medley (Guile - Ryu - Ken)4:24
: Performing Artist
3Zinogre (from "Monster Hunter")3:26
: Performing Artist
4Proof of a Hero (from "Monster Hunter")3:38
: Performing Artist
5Cutman Stage (from "Mega Man 1")4:24
: Performing Artist
6Shall Never Surrender (from "Devil May Cry 4")5:54
: Performing Artist
7Go Tell Aunt Rhody (from "Resident Evil 7: Biohazard")2:48
: Performing Artist
8Sengoku BASARA Medley: Unification of the Land (from "Sengoku BASARA 3")3:49
: Performing Artist
9Sengoku BASARA Medley: Ii Naotora's Theme (from "Sengoku BASARA 4")4:17
: Performing Artist
10Okami Medley: The Sun Rises2:45
: Performing Artist
11Okami Medley: Reset4:41
: Performing Artist
12Okami Medley: Reset (Thank You)2:40
: Performing Artist
13At the End of a Long Escape (from "Resident Evil 6")7:22
: Performing Artist

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