Underhero (Original Game Soundtrack)

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Track List & Credits

Underhero (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

2Hallway of Bruses and Stitches1:53
3Stitched Up1:38
4Monday Bosa Nova2:08
5Forest Feud0:54
6One Cappuccino and the Truth with Extra Mayo3:42
7Stronger, but not Taller0:48
8Bark and Roots3:28
11Just Roots3:27
12Tree Pub2:42
14Riddle me this2:17
15The Moth Queen1:21
16A Twinkle in the Cold2:45
17A Twinkle in the Fire2:45
18Ghost Party4:49
19Lousy Coffee On Ice0:51
20Our Hero On Ice0:51
21Leaves On Ice0:51
22Grey Kid1:18
23Greg the Great2:37
24As Wavy as the Ocean Waves2:58
25As Green as Green Leaves2:58
26As Hot as Hot Salsa2:58
28You're Quite the Hero0:09
29But not Quite Heroic0:39
30What's Cloning On?2:10
31Monday Rave1:37
32Funky Roots1:22
33Funky Twinkle1:43
34Funky Puzzle Zone1:22
35Funky Salsa1:30
36Torn Stitch1:01
37Where Are You?1:21
38As it All Crumbles Down4:50
40Somber Princess2:34
42Lullaby of Death2:14
44Extra Quick Stitches2:41
45Underhero Old Theme2:19
46Underhero Theme0:58
47Fighting Until the End3:04
48Fighting Until the Very End2:51
49Underhero Trailer1:35
50Underhero Release Date Trailer1:04

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