TWEWY: Signals from Shibuya EP

"The World Ends With You" remains one of my favorite games of all time; even replaying it now (as of writing, the Switch version has been out for a bit), it is still a game that holds up, being able to drop the player into such an interesting urban world with its own wild styles. Visiting the real world location of Shibuya evoked the hustle and bustle emotions of the game; simultaneously being able to both find solitude but also isolation in the metropolis of Tokyo. The game itself was a hidden gem when it came out; not only was it a pretty excellent game (at least by my measure), it had a brilliant urban soundtrack that I feel is STILL very unique in today's video game music landscape. I hope you can enjoy this album peeking into the life of Neku and his journey against the odds of not just the Reaper's Game, but his own self.

Track List & Credits

TWEWY: Signals from Shibuya EP was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer
: Album art
: Co-producer
1Twisted Dreams3:39
: Producer
2There's Only Three Minutes Left3:20
: Producer
3Truth's Detonator2:29
: Producer
4Do a Twist at the Disco (Ronin Op F x Catboss.)3:41
: Producer

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