The World Revolving (from "DELTARUNE") (Metal Version)

I wonder what the actual statistic is of people who got completely wrecked by Jevil after going through the whole game without one game over... I remember that after I walked away from finishing the game this song tied with the forest theme as the songs I had the most trouble getting out of my head.

What always blows my mind about Toby Fox's music is how instantly catchy and memorable it is upon listening, but how excruciatingly difficult and complex the songs can be in practice. With the large number of people covering his music now, I'm sure it's a very well known phenomena among artists that his music is very suprising how tough it is to play when they actual sit down and try it. This one fell into my hands a bit easier than Rude Buster did so I had a really fun time putting this one together.

Hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much to ToxicxEternity for killing it on the solo to this one! Definitely check him and his Deltarune covers if you haven't already!

Track List & Credits

The World Revolving (from “DELTARUNE”) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer
1The World Revolving (from "DELTARUNE") (Metal Version)3:30
: Producer

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