The MOD Collection, Vol. 1

After the Ad Lib card, Alexander Brandon began writing MOD files, originally developed for the Amiga personal computer. The MODs led to composing music for games like Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Unreal and Deus Ex. Alex was a member of the music group Bass Productions (founded by Bryan Rudge aka "Sirrus") and the demo group Kosmic Free Music Foundation. This is volume one of three of his MOD works.

Track List & Credits

1ACK 11:17
2All Hallows Twilight6:11
3A New Dream4:23
4A Walk In The Rain3:39
5Be Thou Exalted1:29
6Beyond Simplicity2:19
7Breaking the Rules1:30
8Carpe Diem4:21
9Satch Ballad1:09
10Groove on a Country Road2:17
11Chris And Rita5:01
12Dance of the Dead3:06
14Eruption of Vesuvius4:19
: Producer, Arranger
: Composer
16Face of the Dragon2:03
18Groove 12:07
19Haunted Terrero4:25

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