Space Noir (Original Game Soundtrack)

Space Noir is a project not yet released by nFusion Interactive. They’re a great development team who have made some amazing games like Deus Ex: The Fall for iPad. And Jeff Birns, CEO is a serious music enthusiast. I’m grateful he not only asked me to write the score but that he’s on with it going out in the wild!

I used a variety of synths and the odd orchestral instrument as well as some live saxophone by the talented Paul Baker to give it a Blade Runner yet classy noir vibe. This was a lot of fun to write and I hope you enjoy it! Many thanks to Sebastian at Materia for its release!

Track List & Credits

Space Noir (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

1Space Noir Main Title1:07
3New Hope (Exploration)1:38
4New Hope (Action)1:05
5Ignotis (Exploration)1:12
6Ignotis (Action)0:58
7Arghana (Exploration)1:30
8Arghana (Action)1:15
9Varros (Space)0:50
10Varros (Action)0:58
11Child of the Universe (SeroV)1:36
12SeroV (Action)1:27
13Bounty Simulator1:32
14Your Mission1:06

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