Simple and Clean (Acoustic)

Materia Collective partnered with streamer and cover artist Lunity to craft a beautiful acoustic version of one of the most iconic video game theme songs. Utada's 'Simple and Clean' continues to be a powerful and nostalgic reminder of the Kingdom Hearts series and its legacy.

From Lunity: "I'm excited to share my rendition of 'Simple and Clean' by Hikaru Utada with all the Kingdom Hearts fans out there! I still want to connect video games and music on my channel every now and then, and I figured what better way to do so than to cover this song on the anniversary of KH3. I hope everyone enjoys it!"

Track List & Credits

Simple and Clean was made possible by the following individuals:

: Arranger, Performer
: Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Producer
1Simple and Clean (Acoustic)3:12
: Arranger, Performer

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