Scarlet Forest (from "DELTARUNE") (Metal Version)

This was a song that I wanted to cover from the start. I had a pretty clear image in my head of how I wanted it to sound but once I sat down with it, it didn't pan out at all. So then I thought, maybe let's try to make it sound like a Polyphia song or something. What I found out after recording the riff is that the chords didn't really have enough color to sound truly Polyphia-like in my hands at least. Plus adding too much kind of made it sound way too busy. I think it ended up sounding too busy at points, which is funny because the original sounds very basic.

Something I always do with these since I do them weekly, is even when something doesn't sound right, I always leave it and press on and listen to it back later. Most of the time, listening back on fresh ears I feel I like it way better. This one wasn't those times and it took many rerecords and stuff of a lot of parts of this song before I was totally happy. I really like how it ended up sounding and hope you dig it too!

Thanks again Carlos for the slick sax solo!

Track List & Credits

Scarlet Forest (from “DELTARUNE”) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer
1Scarlet Forest (from "DELTARUNE") (Metal Version)3:59
: Producer

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