Prescription for Sleep: Memories of Mana [from Lullabies of Mana]

Secret of Mana x Metal Gear Solid

Celebrate the release of Secret of Mana on the PlayStation 4 with a free download of Metal Gear Solid "Snake Eater" composer Norihiko Hibino's tribute to the game. "Memories of Mana" is an original track composed and performed by GENTLE LOVE (Norihiko Hibino on saxophone and Etrian Odyssey pianist AYAKI) that is inspired by the world and themes of Secret of Mana. It was recorded after the duo had completed work on 11 arrangements from the Secret of Mana soundtrack for the Prescription for Sleep: Lullabies of Mana album.

Track List & Credits

1Memories of Mana10:07
: Performing Artist

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