Pluckhead (A Cuphead String Album)

One of the most popular games of 2017 is now getting a fitting tribute in the form of an arrangement album. Materia Collective present Pluckhead (A Cuphead String Album), featuring a soundtrack by Kris Maddigan, with a blend of classy and high-energy violin and guitar arrangements across 11 fan-favourite tracks. Now you can re-live those tense Cuphead moments, with an album that’s not as hard to complete!

“Kris Maddigan’s Cuphead soundtrack is brilliantly written for brass and horns,” comments String Player Gamer. “It captures the sound of 1930s animation and is as authentic as it can get. But what if it was written for strings instead of brass, for a symphony orchestra rather than big band? This is the question that I attempt to answer in this 11-track album using a varied combination of string instrument configurations from chill jazz guitar, chamber strings, rock jazz, latin jazz, and full on string orchestra.” - String Player Gamer

Track List & Credits

Pluckhead (A Cuphead String Album) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Album Art
1Don't Deal with the Devil (Violin)0:43
2Don't Deal with the Devil (Guitar)1:11
4Die House2:27
5Floral Fury4:27
6Legendary Ghost1:47
7Botanic Panic4:10
8Inkwell Isle Three3:06
9Clip Joint Calamity3:55
10Inkwell Hell2:42
11Inkwell Isle Two2:48

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