Music Box Classics: Chrono Trigger

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Track List & Credits

Music Box Classics: Chrono Trigger was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer, Album art
: Album art
1Guardia Millennial Fair3:42
2Wind Scene2:40
3Memories of Green2:12
4Gato's Song1:11
5The Brink of Time2:22
6Secret of the Forest2:52
7Corridors of Time2:58
8Frog's Theme2:07
9Underground Sewer2:44
10Schala's Theme3:02
11Manoria Cathedral1:08
12Light of Silence2:22
13The Trial3:32
14Robo's Theme1:36
15The Last Day of the World1:29
16Peaceful Days2:24
17Epilogue ~ To Good Friends2:50

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