Mushroom Guardian (Original Game Soundtrack)

Mushroom Guardian is a runner adventure with orchestral soundtrack and colorful and highly detailed cartoon graphics. It blends the funniest mechanics of platformers from the 90s with simple and intuitive controls. An arcade fast-paced gameplay will unfold an epic but hilarious narrative in which the player must help Igory, the gnome, to repel the attack of the foul Frog King, who wants to steal all the magic mushrooms from his village.

Track List & Credits

Mushroom Guardian (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

1Mushroom Guardian1:12
2King Frog0:50
3Let's go1:36
4Mushroom Stealth1:35
5King Frog Strikes1:25
6Ziggy Kidnapped0:42
7Mushroom Mines1:42
8Looking for Ziggy1:39
9Silent Quest1:32
10King Frog Wrath1:32
11Ziggy Rescued0:25
12New Dawn for Mushrooms1:42

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