Layer Cake (from "Persona 5") (Metal Version)

Alright funny story.

This cover has existed for like 9 months or something. I don't know what happened. I did it, recorded it, mixed, mastered it. I guess I just never made a video for it. So I opened it up in December and decided it'd been so long since I had recorded it that I had to completely rerecord it so it'd sound consistent with my newer covers. 90% of what you hear in this cover was recorded last month, while like 10% was recorded like in April or March. Hope you guys like it, haha!

I really miss doing Persona 5 stuff so expect a bunch more in the coming months! I'm super hype to play as Joker in Smash. I actually attended the Game Awards last year and saw the announcement in person and it was unbelievably amazing. Let me know which songs you want to hear next!

This is another cover I had prepped before leaving for Christmas/MAGfest and I should be finally back home as of this cover releasing! I'm sure I can't wait to get back to work! :)

Track List & Credits

Layer Cake (from “Persona 5”) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer
1Layer Cake (from "Persona 5") (Metal Version)4:07
: Producer

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