Knock You Down !! (from "DELTARUNE Chapter 2")

This was one song while playing that I was really excited to learn how to play. I think it's pretty obvious the similarity between this and F-Zero music and I was most looking forward to arranging this because F-Zero music is some of my biggest influence to be a guitarist in general!

The band for my upcoming tour that starts tomorrow is here and we've been practicing hard for it (begins tomorrow in San Diego!). It's been a bit challenging to balance doing weekly covers while preparing for this tour but I hope the quality meets your expectations!

I'm not sure what the next two weeks are going to look like on this channel while I'm away, but I appreciate your patience and I really hope if you're on the west coast you'll consider coming to see us!

Track List & Credits

Knock You Down !! (from “DELTARUNE Chapter 2”) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer
1Knock You Down !! (from "DELTARUNE Chapter 2")3:03
: Producer
: Composer

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