Jazz Arrange Version: Final Fantasy IV

Another addition to my "Jazz Arrange Version" line of remix albums. To this day, the soundtrack to Final Fantasy Iv is one of my favorites among the entire franchise. As with my other jazz releases, I wanted to pay homage to the composer and put my own personal spin on these tracks. I couldn't have made this happen without my amazing collaborators, so thank you to everyone that helped out!

Track List & Credits

Jazz Arrange Version: Final Fantasy IV was made possible by the following individuals:

: Album art
2Main Theme of Final Fantasy IV2:35
3Theme of Love2:48
6Troian Beauty1:52
: Guitar
7Samba de Chocobo!2:11
8Tower of Bab-il3:19
: Guitar
9King Giott's Castle2:31
10Illusionary World4:18
11Lunar Whale2:18
12The Lunarians2:50
: Flugelhorn, Trumpet

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