Jazz Arrange Version: Chrono Trigger

I’ve been a fan of jazz music since I was young, so it’s only natural that I merge that with my love of video game music, right? This is the second in my “Jazz Arrange Version” series, showcasing the music of Chrono Trigger, composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. Many of the pieces on the original soundtrack lend themselves extremely well to jazz music, so I hope to make some more soon!

Track List & Credits

Jazz Arrange Version: Chrono Trigger was made possible by the following individuals:

1Kronos (Chrono Trigger)4:28
2Wonderful World (Peaceful Days)2:39
3Zephyr (Yearnings of the Wind)3:15
4Sweet Dreams (Good Night)0:14
5Time Drift (Corridor of Time)2:33
6Quantum Leap (The Epoch - Wings of Time)4:45
7Here's to the Future (Outskirts of Time)4:25

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