Funky Dealings, Vol. 1

A 3-track tribute celebrating 20 years of the funky cult classic Jet Set Radio, Funky Dealings, Vol. 1 mixes the distinctive stylings that inspired a whole generation of fans with influences from Ronin Op F's own musical history and love of Jet Set Radio's and Hideki Naganuma's music.

Track List & Credits

Funky Dealings, Vol. 1 was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer, Arranger
: Album Artist
: Album Artist
: Mastering Engineer
1Jet Set Groove 10:12
: Producer, Arranger, Violin, Bass, Guitar, Drum Programming, Mixing Engineer, Piano
: Mastering Engineer
: Producer, Mixing Engineer, Drum Programming, Violin
: Mastering Engineer
3Sweet Soul Brother3:06
: Producer, Arranger, Mixing Engineer, Drum Programming
: Bass Guitar
: Mastering Engineer

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