Field of Hopes and Dreams (from "DELTARUNE") [Metal Version]

The morning Deltarune came out, Adriana woke me up frantically and I remember her saying like "Toby Fox made Undertale 2" and I just like kinda turned over and thought she was fucking with me and went back to sleep.

By the end of that day we both played through the whole game and I was so amazed that not only was it a good game, but because i somehow lived up to the hype that it had to regardless of being just a first chapter.

I knew YouTube would be completely swamped with covers by day 2 of the game coming out, but I had to do it. This song had been in my head for weeks after playing and it was such a joy to put together. Hope you enjoy my spin on it!

Track List & Credits

Field of Hopes and Dreams (from “DELTARUNE”) [Metal Version] was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer
1Field of Hopes and Dreams (from "DELTARUNE") [Metal Version]3:03
: Producer

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