Etherborn (Original Game Soundtrack)

Etherborn was a long journey - with its ups and downs, its losses and happy moments. Many things happened in the lives of each team member. Each of those became part of the music for Etherborn. This project helped me pass through difficult times and became some kind of an escape for my soul. It was a beautiful experience that I was happy to share with my friends from Altered Matter.

I hope the listener will enjoy the experience. I was trying to transmit the feeling I experienced the first day I saw the game. I hope the music will become that same “magic light beam” to many more hearts.

The Endless Tree There are 4 main tracks in the video game. Through them, I wanted to convey how life changes our perception about everything and how time changes our feelings.

Life gives us good and bad moments and we are the culmination of everything that has happened to us. Through the game, we can hear that the music goes from a clean string sound to mark the beginning of life, transitioning to darker harmonies in the final stages representing life approaching its end.

The Desert of the Mind The Desert of the Mind is a curious modal track composed in a Spanish scale. The idea of linking the desert with this kind of sound is not new, so I wanted to give something else to the track. So, I decided to play with shades. When the character is in the “light zone” the sound is clearer; we can hear real instruments recorded in the studio. But, when it goes to the dark side, the melody gets colder and the sound is more hollow with the instrumentation changing to an electronic style.

Structured Thoughts “Jazz”. Jazz...? I couldn’t believe I heard that word. In that moment, I had nothing but bad words in my head as a response to Samuel. But, he explained his idea to me and we finally arrived at the concept of mixing structured and complex levels with the same structured type of music. Fusion jazz was the perfect match. And I have to admit: I’m happy with the result.

The Longing of the Stones This is my personal homage to one of my favorite composers, Mr. Arvo Pärt. I think that his style fits the last stage of the game perfectly. The effect of the tintinnabuli music is breathtaking and the musicians playing in tandem with the singer absolutely nailed the score, putting a lot of feelings in their work. I absolutely love it.

Ending Like Endless Tree, the music of Etherborn is an evolution. Evolution is evident across the years for me and for the character. We are in the same place but we are not the same anymore. We feel different.

In this part, I completely broke the music style of the game and created an electronic track mixed with clear piano moments that remind us of that person we used to be in the beginning.

No matter how much we change, there’s always something that we carry in our souls from the beginning ‘til the very end.

Track List & Credits

Etherborn (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

1Main Title1:15
3The Endless Tree - First Vision1:36
4The Endless Tree - Second Vision1:36
5The Endless Tree - Third Vision1:24
6The Endless Tree - Fourth Vision2:02
7Shapes of a Memory - The First Memory1:35
8Shapes of a Memory - Discovering2:04
9Shapes of a Memory - Remembrance1:34
10Shapes of a Memory - Back to the Endless1:42
11Desert of the Mind7:53
12Structured Thoughts8:35
13The Longing of the Stones6:44
14The Yellow Room1:24
17Main Title (Second Version)2:00
18Shapes of a Memory (Part B)1:18
19Announcement Trailer1:19
20Rebirth Trailer1:29
21Launch Trailer1:40

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