Brain+Brawn (Original Game Soundtrack)

Brain + Brawn was a game that I first came across at an indie game meet-up in Boston. I’ve always enjoyed puzzle and exploration games, so I was delighted to have the opportunity to write the game’s electronic score. My goal with the music was to create a soundscape that evoked the game’s zero-gravity space environment and the light-hearted nature of the game’s robot protagonists Brainy and Brawny. In addition to the two main tracks from Brain + Brawn, this album includes piano arrangements of those same tracks. This was a fun soundtrack to write and I hope everyone enjoys listening to the album.

Track List & Credits

Brain+Brawn (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Album Art
1Robot Lullaby2:08
2A Puzzling Ship3:58
3Robot Lullaby (Piano Version)3:22
4A Puzzling Ship (Piano Version)3:59

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