Between Earth and Sky (Music from "Chrono Trigger")

Between Earth and Sky takes listeners on a journey through space and time by both modernizing and re-conceptualizing six tracks from Yasunori Mitsuda’s famed Chrono Trigger soundtrack. This EP features a multitude of guest artists from across the globe who have directly inspired timeless arrangements that range in style, mood, and cultural influence. Fans of game music and Chrono Trigger alike will recognize every artist on this album’s emotional connection to this music and will be pulled in right alongside them.

The distinguishing features of Julia Henderson’s vocal performance and production style are what connect each track; forming an unforgettable experience through Guardia and Zeal, and to the end of time itself. From the soft and sultry jazz of “Wings of Time” and folk-like vocals of “Schala’s Theme”, to the multi-part symphonic metal vocals in “Magus Battle”; operatically-trained soprano Julia Henderson demonstrates her range as both a creator and performer. After having travelled from Earth, to the sky, and everywhere in between, the EP culminates with “World Revolution”; an ambitious global collaboration featuring multiple soloists as well as a crowd-sourced ensemble formed of both musicians and fans who all share a love of Chrono Trigger and its timeless music.

Track List & Credits

Between Earth and Sky (Music from “Chrono Trigger”) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer, Arranger, Lyricist, Vocals, Mix Engineer
: Mastering Engineer
1Memories of Green3:24
: Producer, Arranger, Vocals, Flute, Lyricist, Mix Engineer
: Mastering Engineer
2Battle with Magus4:09
: Producer, Vocals, Mix Engineer, Flute, Arranger, Lyricist
: Mastering Engineer
: Bass, Guitar, Arranger, Producer
3Corridors of Time3:49
: Producer, Vocals, Mix Engineer, Piano, Arranger, Lyricist
: Mastering Engineer
: Bass, Guitar
4Schala's Theme3:54
: Producer, Vocals, Mix Engineer, Arranger, Lyricist
: Mastering Engineer
: Violin
5Wings That Cross Time3:34
: Producer, Vocals, Mix Engineer, Piano, Arranger, Lyricist
: Mastering Engineer
: Tenor Saxophone
6World Revolution4:12
: Producer, Lyricist, Vocals, Mix Engineer, Flute, Arranger
: Mastering Engineer
: Trumpet
: French Horn

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