BestLuck (Original Game Soundtrack)

The original soundtrack to the game BestLuck.

BestLuck is a story-driven puzzle game based set in a dreamworld. The narrative is beautiful and emotional, with a soundtrack to fit the mood. The music features a string quartet and solo soprano voice. This chamber ensemble sets the tone, and highlights the heartfelt events that occur in BestLuck.

Track List & Credits

BestLuck (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Composer, Producer
: Album art
: Producer, Engineer
2Enter the Forest0:08
6Love Scene, Pt. 10:38
7Love Scene, Pt. 20:38
8Love Scene, Pt. 30:40
9Love Scene, Pt. 40:38
10Love Scene, Pt. 50:38
11Rain Puzzle2:10
: Violin, Viola
: Vocals (Soprano)
12Mirror in the Mirror2:10
13When Cherry Blossoms Fade3:04
: Violin, Viola
: Vocals (Soprano)
14Her Song1:26
: Vocals (Soprano)
15When Cherry Blossoms Fade (Reprise)3:36
: Vocals (Soprano)

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