Aven Colony (Original Game Soundtrack)

Aven Colony had a very cool music design. Paul Tozour, lead developer on Aven Colony, requested a feeling of "organic synthesis" and low key tonal beds when the player first begins building. As they progress, the music will shift using the same beds but add orchestra for a grandiose representation of their accomplishments. As Paul put it, "glory of civilization". By the time you reach this point you have definitely spent awhile playing! This challenged me, rather than writing music in a horizontal way (in segments like "action" or "exploration"), to write vertically, with layers. The team was very pleased with the results and I think the style fits the game very well. I also wouldn't have been able to write it without Spitfire's eDNA library, which takes acoustic recordings and blends them with synth elements, so it worked very well to establish a signature sound for Aven Colony. - Alexander Brandon

Track List & Credits

Aven Colony (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

1Aven Colony Main Title - The Farthest Reaches2:16
2Sunrise On Vanaar4:21
3Midday On Vanaar4:19
4Vanaari Glory4:19
5Vanaari Triumph4:19
6Danger On Vanaar4:19
7Daybreak Sandy Gulch4:06
8Sandy Gulch Noon4:04
9Sandy Gulch Rises4:04
10Sandy Gulch Triumph4:04
11Sandy Gulch Danger4:04
12Dawn At Azara Falls4:13
13Midday At Azara Falls4:13
14Azara Falls Glory4:13
15Azara Falls Triumph4:13
16Azara Falls Danger4:13
17Daybreak On Hyla's Crescent4:29
18Midday On Hyla's Crescent4:29
19Hyla's Crescent Rising4:29
20Hyla's Crescent Triumph4:22
21Caution At Hyla's Crescent4:22

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