Andrew Furmanczyk

Andrew Furmanczyk



Andrew Furmanczyk (AKA Lypur), born 1986 in Canada. Andrew began piano lessons at age 5, and continued lessons until age 21. He performed piano background music around 5 hours per week at age 16 and was planning a performance career, but after a serious heart condition altered his plans, he started teaching YouTube piano lessons in 2006. Andrew has a huge passion for VG music since a child.

He played FFVII for the first time at age 12 and has since replayed the game from start to finish a total of 4 times. From that first play-through he fell in love with the story, the characters, and it's music. He currently teaches piano and music theory, in real life, skype, and through online courses on as well as Andrew considers it a huge honor to be able to contribute on a project so close to his heart.

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