We’re organizing the world of video game music, and adding our favorite originals and covers to curated Spotify playlists. Looking for a placement? Get in touch!

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EPIC Video Game Music

Intense music from games: soundtracks, remixes, and heavy-hitting impactful melodies.

Video Game Music Sleep & Relaxation

Soothing and relaxing music from video games.

Chill Out Video Game Music


Video Game Strings

The best video game music, performed by string quartets, string orchestras, and other ensembles

Video Game Symphonic & Orchestral

Grand orchestral and symphonic music from video games, including high-end orchestral cover versions from game soundtracks.

Video Game Music: Metal Essentials

Curated by Ro Panuganti

Video Game Progressive Rock

Video game music: all prog rock, prog metal, alt rock

Curated by Ro Panuganti

Video Game Music Box

Video game soundtracks and music played by music boxes. #八音盒 #musicbox

Video Game Songs: Choir, Vocal, A Cappella

Vocal choral works, vocal selections, choirs, and a cappella versions of music from games

Video Game Jazz

The very best big band, brass selections, and hand-picked jazz works from game soundtracks

Video Game Piano

Piano Collections, piano solos, and piano-centric from game soundtracks - and covers!

Video Game Folk & Bard Songs

Bard songs, tavern songs, and music from games performed by traveling folk musicians.

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