Tyrian (Original Game Soundtrack)

Score written for "Tyrian", PC shoot-em-up originally published by Epic Megagames in 1995. The score comes also as a free bonus with the game "Tyrian 2000" at GOG.com

Music by Alexander Brandon & Andreas Molnar Mastering by Erik Svensson

Track List & Credits

Tyrian (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

: Composer
: Mastering Engineer
1Asteroid Dance, Part 12:10
2Asteroid Dance, Part 22:03
3Buy/Sell Music1:10
6Deli Shop Quartet1:56
7Deli Shop Quartet No. 20:37
8Ending Number 11:19
9Ending Number 23:02
10End of Level0:07
11Game Over Solo0:14
12Gryphons of the West2:02
13Somebody pick up the Gryphone1:44
14Gyges, Will You Please Help Me1:19
15I Speak Gygese1:03
16Halloween Ramble2:17
17Tunneling Trolls1:54
18Tyrian, The Level1:30
19The MusicMan0:08
20The Navigator1:24
21Come Back to Me, Savara1:44
22Come Back again to Savara0:51
23Space Journey 11:55
24Space Journey 23:26
25The final edge1:18
28Torm - The Gathering1:43
30Tyrian The Song1:53
33Return me to Savara2:31
34High Score Table0:10
35One Mustn't Fall3:02
36Sarah's Song2:47
37A Field for Mag2:11
38Rock Garden2:40
39Quest for Peace1:43
40Composition in Q2:14

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