The Window Box (Original Game Soundtrack)

The Window Box is a surreal visual novel about a group of estranged friends trapped in a house where they must confront the conflict in their lives. Debussy-inspired piano with a sweet hint of jazz reflects the pastel image the characters paint of themselves. However, distorted synths and dissonant piano lines reflecting the women’s inner turmoil stir below, as their rosy image begins to crack...

Track List & Credits

The Window Box (Original Game Soundtrack) was made possible by the following individuals:

1The Window Box1:54
2Chit Chat1:36
3Awkward Small Talk1:11
4Interlude - Chit Chat0:39
5Meeting Notes1:26
6Paige's Dream2:10
8Fairy Godfather2:04
9Interlude - Awkward Small Talk1:00
10Dark Secrets Emerge1:24
11Exploring the Soufflé1:24
12Fairy Godfather Meddles Again!2:07
13Soufflé Puzzle2:15
14Interlude - Storybook1:37
16Elsa in Wonderland3:46

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