Remastered Tracks: Secret of Evermore

Secret of Evermore was one of the first RPGs that I ever played on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Little did I know that the music I enjoyed back then was written by Jeremy Soule, the same composer that would go on to score the Elder Scrolls series and Guild Wars. Something about Secret of Evermore stayed with me; it had a unique tone, one that I believe the music played a pivotal role. I wanted to share my passion for this soundtrack and pay homage to the composer in my own humble way.

Track List & Credits

Remastered Tracks: Secret of Evermore was made possible by the following individuals:

1Main Title0:33
3Staff Roll3:44
4A Boy and His Dog2:07
5Fire Eyes2:33
6Pirates of Crustacia2:44
8Horace Highwater2:26
9Hall of Collosia3:25
10City of Ivory3:27
11Puppet Show2:34
12City of Ebony2:04
13Queen Bluegarden4:11

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