Hearts of Light

Undertake a true journey of the heart with GameLark's fan tribute album Hearts of Light. The GameLark team brings to life fifteen heartfelt arrangements from the famed Kingdom Hearts franchise, composed by the masterful Yoko Shimomura, Utada Hikaru, and Tsuyoshi Sekito.

Album producer Ro Panuganti shares: "Each musician goes above and beyond to present central themes of friendship, bravery over darkness, and adventure, through expressive performance and surprising arrangements."

GameLark brings a plethora of genres, styles, and attitudes, with elements of classical music, traditional eastern music, big band jazz, heavy metal, and fusion, all woven into this adventurous album. By combining our dedication, teamwork, and creativity, we present to you our most magical work yet.

Track List & Credits

Hearts of Light was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer
: Album Art
1Blast Away!2:38
: Arranger, Producer, Performer
2Sinister Shadows4:15
: Producer, Arranger
3Traverse Town4:26
: Producer, Arranger
4Lazy Afternoons4:55
: Producer, Arranger
: Mixing Engineer
: Guitar
5Black Powder2:20
: Producer, Arranger
6Master, Tell Me the Truth3:53
: Producer, Arranger
7Treasured Memories3:01
: Arranger, Producer
: Producer, Arranger
9A Day in Agrabah2:45
: Producer, Arranger, Violas de Gamba, Percussion
: Mandolin
10Destiny Islands2:10
: Producer, Arranger
: Producer, EWI, Electric Piano
12The 13th Struggle3:53
: Producer, Arranger
13Dearly Beloved5:37
: Arranger, Producer
: Producer, Arranger, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards
: Vocals
15Vector to the Heavens4:05
: Producer, Arranger

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