Fuzzy Pickles

Enter the charming world of Nintendo's MOTHER franchise with Fuzzy Pickles, a fan tribute album to the three RPG games Mother, Earthbound, and Mother 3. The GameLark Team presents nine tracks from the historic series with acoustic and electric performances intermingled.

Album producers Ro Panuganti and Peter "Soundole" Smith share: "Working through these games is a fantastic opportunity to put more charm, synthesizers, and quirkier arranging into our collection. The emotional stories of the Mother series have helped to unite a disparate fanbase. It's only fitting then, that this album brings together the diverse and unique talents of Gamelark's musicians!"

GameLark combines pianos, distorted guitars, lush strings and woodwinds together, ambitiously arranging the eclectic music of the MOTHER series in ways we've never heard before.

Track List & Credits

Fuzzy Pickles was made possible by the following individuals:

: Producer, Mastering Engineer
: Album Artwork
1Bein' Friends4:21
: Producer, Arranger
: Mastering Engineer
: Producer, Arranger, Saxophone
: Saxophone
: Mastering Engineer
3Gentle Rain4:18
: Arranger, Producer, Performer
: Mastering Engineer
4Mother Earth2:56
: Arranger, Producer, Viola da Gamba, Mandolin
: Mastering Engineer
: Arranger, Producer, Mixing Engineer, Keyboards, Whistling
: Vocals
: Mastering Engineer
: Arranger, Producer, Guitars, Bass, Banjo, Percussion
: Mastering Engineer
7You Call This a Utopia?3:16
: Arranger, Producer
: Mastering Engineer
: Arranger, Producer, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Drum Programming, Keyboards, Mastering Engineer
9Eight Melodies2:38
: Arranger, Producer, EWI, Bass Guitar, Piano
: Mastering Engineer

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